Welcome to Tonbo Solutions

A small but knowledgeable and effective consulting firm based in the tech corridor of Atlanta. We are focused on engagements which best enable both existing and future products and services. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your technical needs.



Tonbo Solutions is a no-nonsense consulting and integration firm founded to engage and aide customers in adopting and implementing existing and cutting-edge technologies and services. Understanding the importance of not only costs, planning and execution, we focus on the complete end to end solutions including potential business continuity impacts.

Founded in 2020,  Tonbo Solutions is staffed by a team of engineers, sales, and marketing professionals. We are also advised by associated industry professionals – for example manufacturing, dental and other medical professionals.

Atlanta being the technology center of the south, it is teaming with technical schools. When possible, we like to engage exceptional technical students in our solutioning. – yes, we believe in giving back.


Though focused on advising of new technologies, our eye is always on the end to end life cycle costs and effectiveness of our proposed Solutions. Our goal is to always have our fingers on the pulse of today’s available software and hardware, while also be apprised of upcoming technologies and services.

It is greatest desire to execute engagements that lead to actionable recommendations, paving the way for the adoption of new products and technologies.