Printers: We can always assist you in the purchase of your printer. Just email us with what you require, and well take it from there.

Supplies: No matter what kind of printer you have, supplies are needed. FFM printers require a constant influx of filament and printers using stereolithography require resin. Both require tools designed to support their technologies. Printer vendors often offer kits with their printer purchase, but they generally are meant only to be temporary, unreliable, and oftentimes disposable. Ask about custom Tonbo Solutions toolkits which have been designed and created to support specific printers and workflows.

Parts: Need parts? We can research your printer and recommend a list of spares to keep you up and running at all times. Some parts have been specifically designed by Tonbo Tech to assist you in executing crucial workflows and don’t exist through any other channels

Need products that are new and hard to find? Have an idea or need for a new product that may not exist? Tonbo Tech can potentially assist you with your purchasing and or design/manufacturing needs.

Needing periodic purchases? Want to get on a supply schedule to make frequent purchases automated? Tonbo Tech can be your single source for your purchasing needs.