Network Mapping/Assessment

There are many apps out there that can assist with collecting data about your network. Tonbo Solution turns that data into information and helps you understand the impact your network can have on your workflows and use-cases.
– Map Network facilities
– Document Network strengths and attributes for relevant facilities and locations

Network Planning (PDF)

This service is great for facilities that already have in-house networking resources but want to document the requirements of their new equipment. This could be wireless or wired connectivity. Users and passwords. Rights and privileges. Not all equipment has the same capabilities. With the fast growing move toward 5G and IOT, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s possible versus what’s available.
– Document Network needs associated with specific 3D installs

Network Security Analysis (PDF)

In this day and age, data security is essential. One simple suggested data breach can have a grave effect upon a business. Allow Tonbo Solutions to review your network and associated use-case workflows to document any potential security risks observed at the time.
– Document observed workflow/network vulnerabilities
– Review application access versus users

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