• Want to know how your printer works? Tonbo Solutions personnel will step through the technology which provides for your awesome prints. With 3D printers, there are many different settings which can be set in the printing process. Understanding each of these “knobs” – what they are and what their impact upon your final print is invaluable. Schedule as little as four hours, and Tonbo Solutions can have you understanding your printer like never before.
  • Want to better understand the steps involved in your current use-case workflows? Let Tonbo Solution walk you through your specific software and physical steps needed to successfully execute your workflows.
  • Want to try executing a new use-case, workflow, or printing material using your printer? Tonbo Solutions is here to assist you in developing and documenting often needed custom print profiles and workflows.

-Considering new technologies and want to understand them better and how 3D printing can play a part.? Tonbo Tech is constantly reviewing new and existing technologies to evaluate the effectiveness in solving today’s Solution needs.

As you can see, Tonbo Solutions is here to ensure your success today and in future through effective and ongoing education and tools.

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