Let’s face it: the internet has made it possible for companies of all sizes to compete for customers by building their brands and using other marketing techniques, such as lead generation and targeting, to reach their ideal customers. To be successful in digital marketing like web development company Atlanta, you need more than just a website or faith in your brand’s reputation. Businesses use various online marketing methods, but one of them, microsites, needs to be remembered or understood.

What Exactly Is A Microsite?

A “microsite” is a group of websites or branded web pages that can be viewed separately from the main domain. Microsites can be as simple as a single page or as complicated as a website. The goal of a microsite is to give potential customers another place to learn about the products or services your business offers, with the hope that the unique content there will convince them to take action.

 This could be as easy as reading the articles or as difficult as signing up for email newsletters and other services. Even though brand elements like a logo, color scheme, and fonts are often used in microsites, you can always change them to make the microsite stand out from your main website or to highlight a certain subject (more on this later). But microsites and landing pages are different. They only have one website, which is meant to get people to sign up for many different services. Any help regarding microsites,  TonboSolution can help you.

What Should You Keep In Mind About Microsites?

Microsites can be very useful if they are used to promote the right product or campaign. But not everyone will think they are good. Think about what you want to achieve with your marketing plan and Atlanta website development can help you. Microsites are a great option to look into if your marketing campaign will only run for a short time (or at certain times of the year) or if it offers something unique that might get a lot of attention without taking people away from your main website.

The level of adaptability of the site at the moment must also be considered. You might want to make a microsite if your main website is too busy or doesn’t let you add many pages. But if your current site has a lot of room for growth and the campaign is meant to be a long-term part of your business, you might want to rethink the microsite idea. According to web development company Atlanta, Microsites are not a good idea if you don’t want to make a whole new brand for a single campaign or if you think giving your customers access to another website would confuse them.

What’s Cool About Microsites?

Web development company Atlanta has seen that some campaigns and products might work well with microsites. For example, a microsite is a good choice if your product is brand new and needs to be tested and explained to the public in-depth. Using a microsite as part of your marketing strategy could be helpful in more than one way.

  • The increasing interest of the customer

A microsite is a great way to determine if your target audience is interested in a certain topic or product. You can see how interested people are in your products or services by how many people visit your microsite and how loudly you shout, “Look at me!” Microsites of web development company Atlanta are great for marketing campaigns or product launches that need a lot of customer feedback.

  • Brand promotion ideas that are new and different

If you have a unique product to sell, you may want to go against the company’s sponsorship and think of other ways to market your goods. It could be hard if your traditional website has a lot of CSS and you want to keep it the same. On the other hand, microsites have rules that let you change how they look to fit your brand’s needs. If you want more people to visit your site, you might make it look very different from how it usually looks with our guidance. Keep it clean and up-to-date if you want to draw attention to a certain product or marketing plan. Almost every situation has an almost infinite number of possible outcomes.

  • Getting things done faster

If your campaign or product is short-lived or can only be seen for a short time, you might want to use a microsite. This is especially true if you only have a little time to build a website but want it to have all its features. Microsites can be made quickly by companies, changed to meet current needs, and quickly taken down and uploaded.

  • Detail-Friendly

Microsites are the best choice if your product or campaign has a lot of information because you can add as much content as you want without slowing down your main website. Using microsites made by web development company Atlanta has many benefits, and this is one of them.


A microsite is a small website or group of pages that only exist for a short time and serve a specific purpose. The goal could be to show off a brand-new product or show you know a lot about the subject. Microsites can be either short-term or long-term. Even though there are some bad things about having a microsite, they outweigh the good things.