TonboSolution is a small consulting firm in Atlanta’s tech district, but one with a lot of knowledge and skill. Our main focus is on building partnerships that help our current and future products and services reach their full potential. Don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any technical needs. You can completely trust this Atlanta technical consulting company with your eyes closed. 

About Us

Tonbo Solutions is a no-nonsense consulting and integration company that was started to help clients get involved with and use new and old technologies and services. We focus on giving complete solutions that consider any possible effects on business continuity. This is because we know that costs, strategy, and execution are very important.

Tonbo Solutions was started in 2020. It has a team of people who are good at sales, marketing, and technical work. We also ask for advice from experts in related fields, like manufacturing, dentistry, and other medical specialties.

Atlanta is the technological hub of the area, and this Atlanta technical consulting firm has more technical schools than ever before. We like to have highly skilled technical students help us figure out how to solve a problem. We also really value donations to good causes.


Even though our main goal is to advise on new technologies, we always look at how much the solutions we offer will cost over their life cycle and how well they work. Our goal is to check on the hardware and software on the market regularly and stay up to date on new developments and services. Our goal is to keep up with the latest technology and its uses for it. One of our main goals is to successfully finish engagements that give us good ideas and pave the way for new products and technologies.